Such a wealth of talent – do come and see the artwork of local secondary school pupils – you will be amazed!
Our first exhibition of the year is very exciting – a new venture exhibiting artwork by pupils from local FY8 Primary Schools. I attach the poster which provides the dates of the exhibition and the schools involved. The title “Our Land, Our Schools” reflects content concerning the environment in all its forms with all its beauty , and its issues. The standard of the art, the diversity and the imagination of the pupils are wonderful to behold, even 2 year olds have taken part!


24 September to 13 October 2019

By invitation Lytham St Anne’s Art Society is again holding its annual 2019 Autumn Art Exhibition at Lytham Heritage Centre.

This is the Society’s twenty-third successive year of working with the Heritage Group to hold the exhibition at the Centre. In excess of 100 items will be on display, providing an opportunity to see the work of the Society’s members and also to purchase original pieces, which in addition helps in supporting Lytham Heritage Group.

Step inside for an exciting display of artwork by local artists – for more than 100 years the Society has been at the creative heart of Lytham St Annes and the thriving membership produces pictures in watercolour, oils, acrylics, pastel and pencil.

“Landscapes and Fylde Vistas” Paintings by Ken Roberts 03 – 22 September 2019

Ken was born in Preston, and being a talented schoolboy artist, painting murals, his parents wanted him to become an Art Teacher. Despite their ambition for him Ken had a greater one – to play football or cricket for England. This didn’t happen, but he went on to have a successful business career in senior management.

Then Ken started to study oil painting at St Annes College, Lancashire. Following retirement, Ken paints full time, either in his studio or back garden in Lytham St Annes. A member of Lytham St Annes Art Society for many years, and a former President, Ken has shown his paintings at most of their exhibitions. He has also held many of his own exhibitions and had paintings included in the Mall Gallery, London. His paintings are in various galleries around Lancashire.

Covering a wide range of subjects, Ken likes to capture and record the atmosphere and feeling of any given scene. Most of his paintings are of the Fylde coast or of places visited.

Brentleigh Group Summer Exhibition

13 August – 01 September 2019

The Brentleigh Group consists of 3 local artists of different styles.

Liz Ellis is a knife painter, focusing primarily on seascapes. Liz’s work has been exhibited and sold in galleries in Lancashire, Cumbria, West Midlands and Cornwall. Her work has featured in calendars, been short listed for the Royal Academy and she currently sells in galleries in Cornwall.

Anne Taylor is a landscape painter who loves to use texture in her work, having incorporated materials as varied and unique as Icelandic lava into her Iceland range of landscape paintings.

Vivien Unsworth crosses the full range of styles, from abstract painting inspired by colour and form to produce a painting that evokes the senses, to more representational art.

Paintings and Pottery by David and Roger Lloyd

David’s first introduction to painting took place in the Lake District at Coniston, when he must have been all of 10 years of age; a watercolour artist showed him how to paint a tree which, whilst simple to most, was just magical to David.
Educated at Ansdell County Primary School and King Edward VII School, Lytham, David had a particular flair for art and in his penultimate year at KES won the school’s art prize despite not having entered the competition; apparently the adjudicator spotted one of David’s paintings lying around the art room and, much to the embarrassment of the art master, Mr Harper, awarded first prize.
On leaving school David spent three years at Blackpool Art School where he concentrated on painting prior to moving to London where some of his fellow students were headed. After several jobs, he joined his friend David Whittaker in the fashion business where they produced artwork for two trade journals promoting undergarments and knitwear (ladies of course).
Eventually, now married to Nikki and with baby Jean to support, David returned to Lytham where he joined the family business. He was given responsibility for the showroom in Park Street, Lytham, which he stealthily converted from the sales of fireplaces and bathrooms to a gift and art shop from where he sold his own and other artists’ work.
Apart from painting, David had a great love of music and has been a member of several bands as diverse as Rock, Gospel through to Barn Dance. He has also had much joy in playing his base guitar in different situations on many Lytham Club Days.
David’s philosophy on painting is similar to that of the author C.S. Lewis where he wrote books “he would like to read”; David paints subjects in the manner that appeals to him. Many different artists no doubt influence his work and those who view his paintings will come to their own conclusions about that.

About Roger Lloyd  BA Hons PGCE

Born and raised in Lytham, Roger has been involved in ceramics and painting for most of his life and had his first solo ceramic exhibition at school. Roger gets  most of his inspiration from the wonders of the natural world, wild places especially the sea…and a true love of all living things, often giving the not so glamorous creatures “a voice “through his work. Rogers recent work is very often characterised by bright metallic finishes and he has built up over the years a sound understanding of working with clay. Every  piece is unique and many of them are designed to be hung on a wall.
Recent works include highlighting the indiscriminate use of devastating insecticides (neonicotinoids) by farmers and the recent rapid decline in insect numbers. 
1995 started making ceramics again from dug clay from the Westby Brick works site
1997 enrolled as a mature student at UCLAN  studying ceramics
1998 student exchange to South Africa 
1999 International Ceramics Festival Aberystwyth 
2000 Helped build a medieval Kiln with archaeologist Eddy Deighton
2001 BA Hons Uclan
2001 Was invited to work in the international Ardmore ceramic Studio in South Africa
2002 Bolton Institute teacher training college PGCE
2002 Was  invited to work in the Xun Khwe bushmen workshop in Platsfontein         South Africa. Moved to South Africa
2003 Set up studio in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
2004 Exhibited in Dubai
2005 Exhibited in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and East London
2005 Exhibition in Helsinki
2005-6 Helped set up and co-ordinate various crafts programmes in the Eastern Cape,  
            South Africa, to transfer skills, provide employment and organised Exhibitions
2006 Was commissioned to make a series of copy Khoi San pottery for St Francis
          Bay Golf Club 
2007 Returned to the UK
2010 Exhibited at Picture Bute in Scotland 
2016 Set up ceramic workshop in Lytham

Concepts in Clay

  “Concepts in Clay”   Ceramics by Northern Potters Group   02 – 21 July 2019

Northern Potters Association ( WEST ) is a regional branch of the Northern Potters Association ( N.P.A.).

N.P.A. WEST has gained a strong reputation for skill and individuality in the field of Ceramics and showcases the work of more than 20 members.

The show reveals a range of subjects and approaches to working with clay from decorative to functional in a diverse selection of sizes.

Our aims are to promote the Art of Ceramics and provide a network of support to its members.