“Oilograph & Floriography”

Elizabeth McMorran

Having studied Art at Oakham College in Leicestershire and attended the local watercolour Artist Alan Oliver’s course, this inspired me to start painting watercolours 35 years ago. A lot of my watercolours were commissioned and received good reviews in the local press.
Having brought up 3 children, helping and inspiring them all with their Art qualifications, I now had the opportunity to continue my creative venture in the form of photographic Art. Inspired by my spring wedding awakening my creativity to illustrate my photographs on canvas, as a progression artistically instead of painting from my photographs, as I had done previously.
Living in Freckleton for the past 30 years, deciding to display my work in Lytham seemed the ideal opportunity as I am developing my portfolio incorporating local scenes, as well as my love for flowers. All with my individual perspective of the scene captured. I participated in Lytham Arts Festival 2015 and won a prize – my work being ‘Highly Commended’, and I also displayed at St Anne’s Music & Arts Festival 2015.
Following on from the local Art Festivals and having created over 200 canvases, I then had the opportunity to curate an exhibition at Park View 4U. My exhibition of 35 canvases reflected a summer feel, personalizing the display with canvases of Park View’s beautiful garden flowers too during September. And being delighted with the vibrant and colourful array of canvases, I was asked to continue my exhibition to reflect all four seasons. Park View 4U brought a great challenge in curating these exhibitions and proved fruitful too in the amazingly enthusiastic comments and resulting sales.
During the past few years I have enjoyed compiling a collection of canvases to display at Warton Hall, Ribble Cruising Club, The Pavilion St. Annes, Dotty Gallery Rutland and for the 2nd time, Lytham Heritage Centre. Here displaying for the 1st time the interesting use of the Oilograph technique on canvas and illustrating the importance of Floriography, the ever present and special significance of the Language of Flowers.
So, Excelsior Arts that was formed when I was a watercolour artist painting and signing my last picture 35 years ago has flourished and matured to the exciting new venture, I share with you locally today.
Email: elizabethmcm@outlook.com    Mobile: 07866 023919      Landline: 01772 631963

“Kaleidoscope” The Blackpool Art Society

An eclectic mix of colours and styles by members of The Blackpool Art Society, featuring a selection of artwork in differing media on a wide variety of subjects from members of this vibrant group.
The society is 135 years old this year and maintains a consistently healthy membership and a busy studio at Wilkinson Avenue, Blackpool. New members always welcome.
Further details are available from members present at the exhibition or by ringing :
‘The Studio’ on 01253 768297

Exhibition – Nature’s Bounty

“Nature’s Bounty” By Margaret Rodwell
9 – 28 April 2019
About the Artist
Thirty-one years ago Margaret Rodwell took a walk in her lunch hour break from teaching Home Economics at Elmslie Girls’ School on Whitegate Drive, and passed a sign advertising Blackpool Art Society’s Summer Exhibition in Wilkinson Avenue. Interested and with 10 minutes to spare, she popped inside and bought a folio watercolour painting by local artist, Clarice Kay.  Margaret had the painting framed and during that summer holiday was so pleased with her purchase that she was inspired to think about starting to paint watercolours herself as a hobby, despite the fact that she had no idea how to start.
The Gazette supplement for Blackpool and Fylde College adult education courses appeared towards the end of August and as a result, she enrolled on the first course of many. The tutor, Norrie Charlesworth, was very enthusiastic and had a great sense of humour that made painting fun. The main piece of advice to beginners was for them to keep and date their first two paintings so that in future they could see the progress that had been made. Margaret did this and you can see them in the cabinet below. These first two paintings of Kilchurn Castle in Scotland were done in September 1988.
Thirty-one years on and many art courses and art holidays later, Margaret hopes that you can see the progress, and that if you can, maybe you will be interested to have a go yourself.
Margaret is a member of Lytham St. Annes and Blackpool Art Societies and has had several solo exhibitions here at the Heritage Centre in Lytham and was very pleased to be invited to exhibit here again this year. She has had solo exhibitions also at the Williamson GaIIery in Lancaster and at the Arts Centre in Garstang. She has received several commendations and prizes for her work over recent years.
Her passion for watercolour painting still continues but she believes that if you love painting then you can paint on any surface and use any materials, hence the pastels painted on sandpaper, or acrylics and oil pastels used together. Margaret hopes that you will gain as much pleasure from looking at this exhibition of her paintings, as she has had in doing them.

Lytham Heritage Centre 300th Exhibition



Curated by Sophie Fuce, FBC Collections Development Officer

Talk by Veronica McDonnell

 Monday 25 March at 2pm, at Lytham Assembly Rooms

“Small Woman Great Work”

about Kathleen White whose work is featured in the glass cabinet at the Centre.


Still Life Drawing Class for female artists

Wednesday 3 April at 2pm, at Lytham Assembly Rooms