About Us

Welcome to Lytham Heritage Group

“Preserving and Promoting the History and Heritage of the Ancient Parish of Lytham”

Lytham Heritage  Group was established in 1987 to preserve and promote the history and heritage of the Ancient Parish of Lytham, which includes Lytham, Saltcotes, Ansdell, Fairhaven, Heyhouses, Kilgrimol and St Annes.

The Group with its large and active membership, regularly presents exhibitions and speakers. It also has wide ranging facilities including the Heritage Centre for exhibitions, the Archive Centre, and the Windmill Museum.

This is a modern map showing the approximate boundaries of the Ancient Parish of Lytham…


Aims and Objectives 

The Group, founded in 1987 and granted charitable status (registered charity number 701152) as an educational charity in 1989, includes in its primary aims the following:

To educate and stimulate public interest in the history and heritage of the Ancient Parish of Lytham.
To form a collection of photographs, documents, films and other artifacts of a cultural nature.
To achieve our objectives by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, fund-raising for specific purposes and other work for the furtherance of these aims.
To preserve, protect, develop and improve buildings of historic or architectural interest for the public benefit.

Hennet’s Map dates from the 1830’s and has been marked in red with the Ancient Parish of Lytham boundary…