Michael Green

In his own words:

I live in Lancashire, and make my living as an Artist.

Moving from Bristol to Sunderland and then to Preston, I painted and drew all the time, enjoyed primary school education, but disengaged at secondary school in most subjects apart from Art (eternal gratitude to my Art teacher). I carried on drawing and painting whilst working as a barman, hod carrier, cushion stuffer, forklift driver and 32 other jobs until I returned to education.

By 1992 I was in Scotland at the Glasgow School of Art where for the first time, I considered the possibility of being an “artist” myself – painting for a living.  

After leaving Glasgow and returning to Lancashire I found a studio and continued painting, and gradually improved to the point where I ended up with the confidence to exhibit at several national Art events.

I am my worst critic with my work and find it difficult to maintain confidence most of the time but the fact that I continue to receive commissions and my work sells must be a validation. I suppose good art speaks to everyone. 

I tutor life drawing and painting classes from my studio and offer one to one tuition, contact me if you are interested.

Email: info@bigmill.co.uk

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