Doll Collection for sale at the Heritage Centre

mums dolls Poster2

Dave Price writes about his mother Mr G Price and her long term collection of dolls.

My mother continued to love her dolls and added to her collection over another 20 years. As with the article details, she continued to both buy dolls and make dolls from kit form individually styling them in clothes she gleaned from many sources such as:

Her imagination, her past, Fashions she had seen in books and magazines, representative of Characters off TV, Film Opera, etc

Everybody was roped in to some degree… Dad for his woodwork skills and the kids, me included, for the “Blue Peter” sticky backed plastic, cardboard and painting brigade.

If the local press had run a follow up article years later they would have found her family of dolls had grown to number over 750 and evident within 5 rooms of our house.

Some of the dolls are for sale at Lytham Heritage Centre. Pop in to have a look.

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