Latest Exhibition at Lytham Heritage Centre

23 May – 11 June 2017

Joan grew up in Wrea Green, where her creativity was nurtured from a young age by her parents who were writers and painters themselves, and who encouraged an appreciation of the natural environment. These artistic leanings were also supported by teachers at Queen Mary’s School and she went on to study Art along with Education at Warwick University, with a specialism in ‘Creative Work with Fabric and Threads ‘ – she made huge textured embroideries and tubular wall hangings, always with natural materials.

Joan’s art then took a back seat for a number years, whilst she enjoyed exploring and encouraging creativity as a wife, mother, teacher and singer. Turning her hand to Amateur Operatics and Dramatics, Joan is probably better known in the Fylde area as Kiss Me Kate, Eliza Doolittle or The Merry Widow.

Inheriting her mother’ s watercolour paints catalysed Joan’s art and the adoption of a new medium. There was something comforting about using that same palette and, whilst spending time in the Lake District and abroad, she found that watercolours were just right for recording and interpreting what she saw.

Her love of the natural world, its colours, textures and shapes, and the smell and meditative absorption of walking in the countryside or by the sea, is what motivates a lot of her painting.

Pictorial pieces are inspired by four main subject areas:  ‘In the Hedgerows’,  ‘Trees Alone’, ‘Seas and Skies’, and ‘The Feeling of a Place’. Often, her work is a mosaic of different things arranged into a composition.

Her abstracts are also rooted in the natural world but the subjects are more fantastical and interpretation is open-ended. Joan believes we are all wired according to both our nature and nurture therefore we each see and appreciate different things from the same painting, which can also change with our mood. A number of her abstract paintings can be hung in different orientations to allow for shifting perspectives and interpretations.

Natural Inspirations
‘Natural Inspirations’ – Contemporary Watercolours by Joan Aitchison 23 May – 11 June 2017

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